Shelly S. became a fan of the Physique 57 monthly challenges but struggled with completing them.  It wasn’t until she planned a vacation to Maui that she found that extra motivation to complete each scheduled workout. Here, she shares her story (and bikini photo) with us!

I first read about Physique 57 years ago in a magazine featuring Kelly Ripa on the cover.  She credited her amazing body to working out at your studios.  At that time the DVDs were not available yet and, living in Canada, I could not attend classes but I was determined to find some way to do the workouts at home.  I found this video online  of Tanya Becker doing 7 Physique exercises so I started doing those at home in addition to running.  I was so excited when the DVDs finally came out!  I made some great progress in the first few months but then stopped doing it regularly because of pregnancies and other reasons and went back to my old standby of endless running and very little strength training.

before and after physique 57

When Physique 57 started coming out with the monthly challenges, I immediately got on board.  I tried at least 4 or 5 times to complete one, but I always gave up when I got to a day that included both a 57 minute and 30 minute workout!  Those are tough!  An upcoming trip to Maui was just the motivation I needed, however, to complete the April challenge.  After the first week, I was not as sore as I used to be doing back to back workouts and I actually looked forward to it.  I posted the schedule up on my wall and every time I finished the workout for the day, I would cross it off.  That gave me a great sense of accomplishment to see so many check marks!  I also noticed I was sleeping longer and better and actually had more energy, especially on the rest days. I even dropped 2 sizes, going from a size 6 to a size 2!

The before picture is me in the height of my running days – you can’t even tell I had just completed a half marathon! The after picture is me in Maui a few weeks ago, fresh off completing the April challenge.

Thank you, Physique 57!

Shelly S.

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