After reading the 10 Year Anniversary letter from our Co-Founders, NYC studio client Amanda G. felt compelled to share with us how Physique 57 helped her lose 53 lbs and 4 dress sizes before her big day! She shares her amazing and inspirational story below.*


When I got engaged in the summer of 2014 I weighed 228 lbs. For a year I tried really hard to diet and exercise on my own and managed to get down to about 200 lbs by the spring of 2015. With my wedding in November I was searching for a fitness routine I could commit to. In June I found Physique 57. My best friend from high school is a former ballerina who has been taking classes regularly since 2007. I knew it would be tough, but I decided to give it a try.

I started with the Newcomer 2 for 1. My very first Instructor was Sarah H. After that first class I knew it would be hard, but that I could commit to this. I signed up for the Newcomer 1 month Unlimited followed by a 3 month Unlimited. I worked out 5 days a week in the studio on 57th Street. My favorite class was the Signature level. Sarah H. remained my favorite teacher and my loudest cheerleader. I worked my butt off (literally) and was at the studio almost every day for 4 months.

My wedding was November 7th. When I went to my last dress fitting my mother took a photo of my back in my wedding dress. When we compared it to the photo that had been taken the previous October we were shocked!


Because of Physique 57 I walked down the aisle at 175 lbs. 53 lbs lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller.* Sarah H. wrote me an email the day before my wedding about how happy she was to be a part of my journey and I cried when I read it.

I’ve been married for 4 months now and just purchased another 3 Month Membership. I still get to see Sarah H. twice a week!

I will always be grateful for this technique.

We are so proud of Amanda’s success and all of the hard work and dedication she put into achieving her fitness goals. She made a gorgeous #BarreBride and we love that she is keeping up with our program and still attending class!

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*Results may vary based on each client’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Physique 57 program.