NYC studio client Brianna wanted to share with us how Physique 57 helped her lose 12 inches! She shares her story below.

My journey with Physique began with a Signature class with my aunt who has been coming for a year. I walked in thinking I was in the best shape of my life from going on the elliptical thrice a week and to a neighborhood barre class once a week. Sarah H kicked off class with Hamilton and arms and I started wondering, “What did I get myself into?”

Even though I could barely get down the stairs from my 4th floor walk up for a week after my that class, I made the decision to dedicate 4 hours a week to going to the studio and working my tail off.


I started the program with the goal of feeling stronger and leaner. I figured it would be great if I lost a few pounds or inches, but I mostly wanted to feel like I could come back to a Signature class and kick ass instead of getting my ass kicked as I had that first time.

With each class, I started feeling the effects of this intense and gratifying workout. By my second week of classes, I began craving the feeling of a good stretch after a sprint. I waited anxiously until I could work out my stress from work with thigh dancing. I loved the feeling of pushing through a wall and feeling the tremble of change and still coming back for more the next day. These classes did more for me than just losing inches or pounds- they provide an outlet for me to de-stress, unwind, and WORK.

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