After slowly gaining weight over the course of a few years, Amy decided it was time to make a change. Amy wanted to fit back into her “skinny” jeans. What she accomplished was so much more.

After a few years of no real exercise to speak of, I realized that I was slowly gaining weight. After buying one size up in pants, I didn’t think much of it. But after the next size, I paid attention. I was determined to get control of it before it got out of hand. My goal was to simply fit back into the pants I’d originally worn, size 2. I’d kept them because I was unwilling to accept the change to larger sizes. My plan was to simply run and eat a little better. I ran some at first, and did lose a few pounds, but I really wanted to be fit, toned and lean….and I wanted a workout that was more fun and engaging. Cue Physique 57.

It was immediately fun and challenging in a way I’d never experienced before. I actually started to look forward to my workouts! And the results were quick, which was very motivating. I used the DVDs about 5-6 days a week and saw visible results in a few weeks. Though I’d lost a few pounds with running, nothing looked much different. But the toned look I wanted was showing itself from my work with Physique and I was so excited about it! I’m motivated to continue because it’s fun and still challenging, over a year later! I look better than I’ve looked in years. And since I’m stronger and more flexible, I am always feeling good and have plenty of energy. I’m back into my size 2 jeans but I look better than I did in size 2 before. Strong is a good look! I’m so thankful to have found this workout and I tell people all the time about it!

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*Results may vary based on each client’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Physique 57 program.