After being diagnosed with Lupus and a series of other diseases, Tammy was gaining weight at a rapid pace. With the help of her doctor and Physique 57, she has lost 115 lbs. and 138.25 inches!  Her fitness journey isn’t complete yet but she is confident that with the help of Physique 57 that she will reach her goals. Here, she shares her story.

I want to share my story and my success so far of losing 115 lbs, as well as my goals for continued success in the future.  

Eighteen years ago, I lost 125 lbs and was at my ideal weight with the help of Weight Watchers and consistent exercise.  Through this routine I was able to keep the weight off for about 10 years until I started experiencing bad pain in my joints and muscles and started gaining all the weight back at a rapid pace. After seeing a few doctors and specialists, I found out that I had Fibroid tumors in addition to being diagnosed with Lupus.  Along with Lupus came Fibromyalgia, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Hypoglycemia and Neuropathy in the legs.  You have to love when other disorders decide they want to join the party!  The weight continued to pile on (40+ lbs in 6 weeks and it kept increasing) and I figured there had to be a problem with my hormones.  However, after meeting with multiple doctors I was told that I just needed to eat healthier and exercise more.

A few years later I got a new family doctor and he discovered that I had too many hormones which were causing the cysts and weight gain!  I was prescribed Aldactone, a blood pressure medication that is used to stop producing extra hormones.

Now since July 2011, when the new doctor took over, my hormones back in check and Physique 57 under my belt – I have lost 115 lbs. and 138.25 inches!  There is still more work ahead of me but I will get there and with the support of Physique 57 behind me it is a guarantee! 

I first heard about Physique 57 from Amazon and had been searching for a low impact program that would give me results without interfering with my health limitations.  I have never in my entire life (even when I lost the weight in my 20’s) had a program that worked so well.  At 383 lbs, I had to start out slow and work my way up.  I took breaks often and started right back up again each time. There were times that I had to pause the DVD and take a break for about an hour or so and then go right back and do a little more but I kept going!

My fitness and wellness goals are to be as fit and healthy as possible with the health issues and limitations that I have.  My husband and I went to New York this past January and were able to see the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Performance.  We stayed in the Theater District and were within a 1/4 mile from the Theater. I was thrilled to see that I was able to walk to and from the theatre in the same day and able to walk the stairs in the theater. Being able to do that was something that I never ever thought I would be able to do ever again. I thank my Physique 57 routine for helping me build all the endurance to manage those walks and stairs!  

I do Physique 57 every day; I do the Classic 57 minute one day; then alternate the next day with either the Thigh & Seat Booster and the Arm & Ab Booster with the Express 30 minute DVD.  I will be signing up for the online workouts as well to add more variety to my schedule.  My ultimate goal is to be 172 lbs so I have another 96 pounds to lose. With already 115 lbs lost I know I can do it!

My motivation for continuing the workouts is seeing what I have accomplished so far and knowing that I have the amazing support behind me in the Physique 57 community, and my friends and family.  When I look at the progress pictures that I have I do not want to go back to feeling helpless and not being able to do anything.

The best part of my results so far is having more energy.   I have never ever in my entire life had this much energy!  When I have tough days where I feel exhausted I pop in a DVD and it’s like a surge of energy just soars right through me!  Another amazing result is my shrinking size! I used to be a size 38 in jeans and they were too tight!  I can now comfortably (even fresh out of the dryer!) wear a size 18-20!   I am actually starting to get muscle definition in my hips; butt; stomach; back and arms.  I keep hearing that 40 is the new 20 and I can actually see that! Before, I thought that is would be a hopeless battle because I am now in my 40’s but age is really just a number.  It may not be easy at times and probably just downright almost crippling due to my health issues but I have the faith, courage and strength to stand up, brush myself off and continue on this path to a healthier life.

I’m mostly happy that my confidence has come back and that I am no longer ashamed of myself.  I recently saw my cousins (whom I haven’t seen in years) and they told me that they haven’t seen me so happy, full of confidence and full of energy in such a long time.  I finally understand what it means that “God does not give us what we cannot handle.”  I’ve been put on this path for a reason.  In my heart, I believe it’s to help anyone that has gone through the things I have or anyone that is stumbling in their own path. Trust me – you will find a way past your challenges if you believe in yourself.  

Thank you to the Physique 57 community who has supported me with their words of encouragement along the way.  You have no idea what they meant and what they still mean to me.  Tanya and Jennifer: you have empowered and helped this gal who thought life was hopeless, who had lost her independence, and who had lost the will and strength to continue.  I had no more fight left in me…or so I thought!

Tammy will continue to keep us updated throughout her fitness journey and we will post updates to our blog. Feel free to post any comments for her below as she will be reading them regularly. 

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