As part of our Reader Question series we encourage you to send in questions that you would like us to discuss on our blog. This week we have a question from an online workout client asking why her muscles shake when doing Physique 57 barre workouts!

Physique 57 is based on the principle of overload, isolating each muscle group and challenging it to the point of fatigue. Due to the intensity of the workout, you should feel heat in your muscles, which is a sure sign that you are working effectively. Shaking kicks in when you are increasing your stamina and endurance, but it is not always accompanied by soreness. An added bonus is that with exercises that use your own body weight as resistance) you are also building bone density.


We offer a variety of class levels in studio and beginner and advanced variations to all of our videos to make our workouts accessible, safe, and effective for clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Our program grows with you. If you do our workouts consistently, the shaking should eventually subside, but the heat should never stop. As you better understand the positions, you will always be able to get that little bit deeper to increase the intensity so that your results should never plateau.

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