As part of our Reader Question series we encourage you to send in questions that you would like us to discuss on our blog. This week we have a question from a studio client about how to add Physique 57 workouts into her marathon training routine. 

Reader Question from Jess M: If I am training for a marathon, how often should I do Physique 57?

The great news is that Physique 57 is a great complement to endurance running! Physique 57 will increase the strength in your entire body: core, back, shoulders, arms and legs.  The upper body strength gained from our technique will help you maintain proper running form throughout your race and can prove to be very helpful as your neck and shoulder muscles fatigue.  The lower body work is excellent for building bone density as well as stability around your knees and ankles which will help you sustain your training for years to come!

You should note that the Physique 57 technique was developed to rehabilitate the body.  Many of the stretches and strengthening exercises have been suggested by sports medicine physicians and orthopedists.  The low impact strengthening exercises and stretches performed in Physique 57 will assist you in injury prevention and relieving the stress placed on your knees during all those long training runs!

If you plan to train 5 days a week we would suggest doing Physique 57 2-3x/week.  While our classic Physique 57 class is an excellent complement to your marathon training, our Mat 57 class is also another great option.  Mat 57 predominantly focuses on strengthening your core and upper body, while also promoting lower body strength and stability.  Physique Stretch will restore balance to your body through sequences of elongating stretches that will surely feel fantastic post run and help with tightness and soreness!

If you plan to train and do Physique 57 on the same day, do your Physique 57 workout first.  Physique 57 very specifically targets muscle groups with a strong attention to form, so it’s best to do with fresh focus and concentration.  You will also benefit from bringing the awareness of your postural and core muscles you access at Physique 57 into your run post-class!

Always listen to your body and when you need a recovery day, do take it. You will find Physique 57 to be a great addition to your marathon training!

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