As part of our Reader Question series we encourage you to send in questions that you would like us to discuss on our blog. This week we have a question from a DVD client asking if she will ever plateau doing Physique 57 barre workouts. We have the answer for you below!

As you gain strength and deepen your understanding of the technique, your form will improve and your efforts will become even more effective. The Physique 57 barre program is based on interval training, or keeping the pace up while working between muscle groups to maximize efficiency and incorporate cardio and strength training.


Our one-of-a-kind exercises multi-task by recruiting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. We trick your body and keep the results coming by varying the rhythm, pace, range of motion, and choreography in each class and workout video. Physique 57 is crafted to constantly challenge you physically and keep you mentally engaged, so that you will not only look great, but will feel strong, accomplished, and invigorated.

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