We’re excited to launch our new blog series, Client Q&A! Each month we will interview a Physique 57 client that we find inspirational. We’re starting this series with Norma Kamali, a fashion designer that has been creating iconic looks since the late ‘60s and has a passion for health/wellness that she shares with others through her wellness café. With a boutique next door to our 57th Street studio, you never know when you might run in to her at the barre (say “hi!” She’s friendly). Here, she shares her personal style, love for Physique 57 and more! 

Norma Kamali

What do you want your clothing line to say about you?

That I am not confined to fashion rules but more about my idea of personal style.

What is the one piece from your closet that you can’t live without? 

The trick here is to have a closet filled with as much as possible can’t live withouts…I have to say my jeans and jeans jacket recently have been my go to for just about anything. Just change the shoes from boots to rhinestone strappy heels and I always feel good.

When did you first fall in love with Physique 57?

Five years agooooooo! Amazing. I just needed a change. I had problems with my meniscus from running and exercise that wasn’t well thought out and after recovery I thought I would try this. No one ever told me about Physique 57 and I did not have a clue about what it was. I just walked in, signed up for 5 classes, bought a pair of sox and yowza!! Surprise! I fell in love with it immediately – even though my body was screaming at me “go back tomorrow or you will be really feeling bad.”

It was true. I started three days a week, then 4 days, then added a day and then went to 7 days. Just like brushing your teeth, I feel like I need to exercise every day. The change is really amazing and I was so surprised at how well my knee was doing from the start.

What is your favorite Physique 57 exercise?

I love all the ab stuff and I really think the Mat 57 class is required to do the other classes better. I look forward to Mat 57 each week. It is challenging in a different way but I see how much it impacts my performance in the signature Physique 57 classes.

What do you like to wear when taking our barre-based classes?

Simple tanks and leggings to below the knee or ankle. I tried working out in a very soft fabric I have in a pant and top and I liked it so much that I may change things up in the spring.

Tell us more about The Wellness Café. How did this part of your store come about and what should clients know about it.

Fitness, health and beauty are all linked…and I look at everything from a vanity point of view. I am a fashion designer so how people look has been my focus for all these years. Empowerment is not just a dress that makes you feel like you can take over the world but when you take off the dress you should feel as good.  So what you eat and how you build a fit, healthy body are the tools for the best results when you are undressed. Your relationship and personal life will be so much more fulfilling as well.

Besides exercise, what is your #1 tip to living a healthier lifestyle?

Try to eat a non processed food diet and do all you can to help make people feel good. Give a massage to a friend, cook for someone, give a hug to someone who needs it and enjoy a good laugh as often as possible!

Tell us about upcoming projects at NK. We’d love to hear any exciting news you have coming up!

Women’s empowerment is my campaign! We will be launching a film called The Shoot back stage at a photo shoot and doing an event at the 92nd Street Y with the film. But first, you can see me chat on the Sirius live radio show on March 1st on the same topic: image issues, self-esteem all women deal with everyday. Tune in at 10am ET on March 1st to SiriusXM Stars channel 107.

Thanks again to Norma Kamali for taking the time to chat with us! We love learning more about you beyond the barre.