To celebrate the launch of our newest online workout, Physique Beginner Barre, we sat down with the cast for a Q&A session. Below, Kim, Holly and Lauren share fitness advice for newbies, their favorite exercise from the video, and much more…

Q: Most memorable moment from the Beginner Barre shoot?
Kim: Shooting our last take. It was such a huge sense of accomplishment knowing that after weeks of rehearsal we created something that thousands of clients will benefit from.
Holly: When Kim said “Baby Mamas can have fun too!” Ha
Lauren: Being on set with Holly & Kim!

Q: One piece of advice or motivation for those new to Physique 57?
K: Keep it up! It will only get better. Exercise can be a great cycle. The more you do it the better you feel and the better you feel the more you want to exercise. If you stay true to that cycle you will never get tired and never give up.
H: Try it at least twice! The first time through might feel overwhelming, but you’ll be amazingly surprised about how much stronger you feel the second time around.
L: Stick with it and focus on your progress each time, you’ll feel stronger physically and mentally!

Q: Favorite Physique 57 exercise from Beginner Barre?
K: Wide Second
H: Triceps dips
L: Hairpin

Q: Why I love the Beginner Barre workout:
K: Because coming back to the basics is always valuable. It makes you realize that even our most fundamental exercise can be a challenge, even after years of practice.
H: It’s attainable but still a fantastic workout. Full body work that feels great even at 7 months pregnant.
L: It allows you to focus on form while still challenging you, making you feel the burn!

Q: My go-to post workout snack is __________.
K: Almond butter and apples.
H: I always need some protein, usually a cheese stick and nut based trail mix does the trick.
L: Acai smoothie with almond butter.

Q: Song that is always guaranteed to pump you up for a workout?
K: Feel Again by One Republic
H: The Killers “When You Were Young” remix by Calvin Harris
L: Pumpin Blood by NONONO (Chainsmokers remix)

Q: When I’m not pulsing at the barre you can find me at ________.
K: Rehearsing with Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company. I still love to perform and Physique57 has provided me with the physical strength to pursue my passions even more.
H: Home with my hubby prepping for baby.
L: Teaching preschool Yoga and dance.

Q: Workout wardrobe item (or accessory) you can’t live without?
K: Reebok grippy slippers.
H: Reebok grippy slippers
L: Sparkly Soul Headband

Q: Favorite body part to work out?
K: Legs! I love to work out every inch of my legs. It just makes me feel so strong, like the foundation of my body is stronger and I can do anything.
H: My arms! Especially right now— want to get them ready for carrying baby after delivery.
L: Seat!

Q: Guilty pleasure food?
K: Chocolate! Anything chocolate : )
H: I love creamy Cadbury milk chocolate- the kind you get from British friends.
L: Ice cream

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