Physique 57 is based on the principle of interval overload, isolating every muscle group and challenging it to the point of fatigue.  Sometimes that heat is carried through past your 57 minutes at the barre. Due to the intensity of the workout, you should definitely feel heat in your muscles, which is a sure sign that you are working effectively.


That’s where muscle soreness kicks in. It’s very common for people who are just beginning an exercise program or who are working the same set of muscles in a new and different way.  Due to the large variety of strength and stamina building variations in the Physique 57 technique, clients are apt to feel some muscle soreness after workouts.  However, the more consistent you become with the workouts, the faster your endurance will build and the less soreness you may feel after each workout. Don’t be alarmed though – just because you’re not sore doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t changing. Trust in the burn and work towards the heat!

We’ll be posting 3 tips to relieve muscle soreness later this week so stay tuned for more information.

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