We’re thrilled at the positive response to Barre Meets Yoga among our yoga-loving clients. But we’re even more excited to introduce the fundamentals of this entirely new workout — and entirely new moves and sequences – to a larger audience.

To motivate you even more (and give you a taste of the fun) we’re breaking down three key poses that will make your first workout that much better. Grab a mat and let’s get moving!


Downward Dog
1. Come to all fours with hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
2. Tuck your toes under and lift your hips in an upward diagonal while pressing firmly through your hands.
3. Press your heels towards the floor, feeling a deep stretch through your hamstrings.
4. Relax your head to open your shoulders.

Warrior II
1. Come to a deep lunge with your front thigh parallel to the floor.
2. Keep front leg as it is and ground your back heel so that your back foot is perpendicular to your front.
3. Keep front knee pointing forward over 2nd toe as you open your shoulders to the side so they are in the same line as front thigh.
4. Extend your arms long and gaze past your front arm.


Warrior III
1. Start in a deep lunge with your knee and toe pointing straight forward.
2. Bring your hands to prayer position and tip your spine forward, reaching long through your head and tailbone.
3. Scoop your abs in, shift your weight forward into your front foot and lift your back leg.
4. Lengthen your spine perpendicular to the floor while shooting energy out through your head and toes.

Now that you’ve mastered the moves, ready to try Barre Meets Yoga? Get started here.

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