Our playlist this month is specially designed to push you through our new back body focused Physique Cardio theme. The new choreography will ensure you leave a lasting impression as you walk out the door and will prep you for backless holiday dresses. Think sexy back, bottoms-up and gorgeous triceps as you blast away calories with our full throttle workout.


We asked Master Trainer, Holly Hendricks, to put together the perfect playlist for this theme. Why is this playlist perfect for Physique Cardio? Holly says, “For a cardio playlist I try to keep the beats per minute (BPMs) similar (especially for the sprints) but switch up the vibe a little to give something for everyone! The last sprint needs to have a big punch in energy to get everyone through to the end and feeling great!” Check out the playlist below.

Now that you’ve heard the rhythms, let’s get to pulsing! Sign up for your Physique Cardio class in NYC or Beverly Hills. See you at the barre!