Last week, we cleared the carpet in one of our Spring Street studios, slipped off our shoes, and popped a few bottles of vino….to kick off our all-new live event series, Physique Speaks!

Instructors Alicia Weihl, Katie Mitchell, and Christina Jensen joined nationally recognized health expert and author, Frances Largeman-Roth to chat about all things food and the hot topic theme of “Eating for Energy.”

Missed the real-time fun? Here are a few real-life tips that we couldn’t wait to share.

It’s All About Timing
“I have to take the time – or rather, make the time – to prepare healthy foods in advance so I can race through the rest of the day making healthful food choices.” – Alicia

“It’s not just you. It’s totally normal to get munchy around 3 or 4 PM,” according to Largeman-Roth. She recommends heading this afternoon energy dip off at the pass with a pre-packed snack. (Seeking inspiration? She covers plenty in her books, available here.)

On Guilty Pleasures…
When it comes to guilty pleasures and quick hunger fixes, the recommendations kept on coming.

-Orgain Protein Powder (Christina swears by the chocolate shake-tasting Creamy Chocolate Fudge flavor).

-Protein bars. (From KIND to Luna bars, there’s nothing wrong with a pre-packaged bar that packs protein and flavor. Francis says that if you’re eating more than one a day, though, you’re likely missing out on other nutrients.)

-Greek yogurt, string cheese, and almonds. (Katie – who’s been known to juggle multiple Physique 57 classes, training, and auditions in a single day — is a fan of any food that sticks with her throughout the day and these snacks provide easy protein on the go.)

Healthy Eating Hacks
In the midst of a busy day, eating clean can feel like rocket science. All three women
were the first to admit that. But the truth is, eating healthfully is the most assured way to have enough energy and stamina to get through the rest of your day with a smile on. Here are a few of our favorite “aha” moments from the talk.

Never eat anything out of the bag. Prep and portion it first. You’ll know how much you’re eating and likely have some left over for lunch tomorrow.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. (We won’t take credit for this one, but Largeman-Roth swears by this eating philosophy. After all, you don’t burn off dinner calories when you’re fast asleep!)

Get a toaster oven. It’s not as impulse eating-friendly as a microwave and is a brilliant way to prep fish or toast light snacks in little time.

Mix it up. Largeman-Roth pointed out that while sticking to the foods (and calories) that you know is fine for losing and maintaining weight, it’s not ideal for overall health and nutrition. So go ahead and try a new tea, add cucumbers to your daily water bottle, and experiment with new spices – it’s good for you. (On a related note, the woman’s encyclopedic knowledge of grains – from bulgur to freekah – was awe-inspiring.)

Stay present this holiday. Last but not least, Katie, Alicia, and Christina all championed moderation – and defining it in a way that works for you- whether you’re staying active at your mom’s home this Thanksgiving or, as Alicia put it, “Keeping a glass of water beside every glass of wine.” We’ll certainly cheers to that.

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