Happy New Year’s from the Physique 57 Team! This year we’ve enlisted some of our Physique 57 instructors to give you tips on sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. Check them out and let us know what your personal tips are!

Have a buddy resolution – check in with each other on your progress! Maybe try the Physique 57 BFF Challenge.
– Nora Hickman, NY Instructor

Treat any time and energy you spend on your body as a gift to yourself. Taking a Physique 57 class, though sometimes painful, should feel as rewarding as buying yourself a new pair of shoes. Only your body lasts a lifetime and those shoes will be out of style next season..pretty nifty gift, right?
– Katie Johnson, LA Instructor

Hold yourself accountable for your workouts by writing it into your schedule as you would a business meeting so you stick to your plan for the day.
– Sarah Marchetti, NY Instructor

Reward yourself after each accomplishment that brings you closer to your goal. Maybe a new gym bag when you get a package at Physique 57. Rewards go a long way towards making a tough goal become an enjoyable journey.
– Jessica R., NY Instructor

For healthy resolutions, I mark my calendar with a sticker (the sillier and sparklier the better) every day I successfully complete a goal. This motivates me not to cheat, as a blank day would look so obvious and sad!
– Stacia Black, LA Instructor

Establish a “why” behind any of your New Year’s resolutions. Goal setting should not be a one time, lofty statement like “I want to lose 20lbs.” You need to have strong reasons in order to motivate success. Take the time to establish the reasons you want to achieve your goals. Perhaps your “why” is being able to actively play with your children or grandchildren or being able to just walk up stairs with ease. Maybe your “why” includes self-confidence. Whatever your “whys” are, I encourage you to write them down and look at them each day.
– Lindi Duesenberg, NY Instructor

Enjoy these tips and make sure to share your own in our comments below.