Combine the flow (and bliss) of yoga with the burn (and results) of Physique 57, and what do you get? Our newest video, Barre Meets Yoga!



Just in time for National Yoga Month, we took a few beats with Barre Meets Yoga creator and New York instructor Adrianna Perez to hear about how it came to be – and how to get through it feeling more balanced, focused, and zen than ever!

You created Barre Meets Yoga, a non-stop blend of Physique 57 exercises intertwined with power yoga postures. How and did it come about?
I have been teaching yoga and Physique 57 for over five years. Many clients would take a Mixed level class right before my yoga class and they would express to me how amazing they felt after taking the two classes back to back.

Then I started to think to myself how it could be possible to take two separate classes into one amazing class. I have such a passion for teaching both techniques, and strongly believe in the benefits of taking both types of classes. I felt if I could combine the two it could be something really special.

What is your favorite thing about the Barre Meets Yoga workout?
Creating Barre Meets Yoga was so much fun. Barre and yoga are more alike than most of us think, and can really blend beautifully into an innovative, full body workout.

Speaking of which, what are the body benefits of combining yoga and Physique 57?
They just complement each other so well. The strength training in a Physique 57 class is so intense, that there’s nothing better than doing a nice stretch right after. The barre exercises can also work muscles that can set you up for success in some yoga posses. For example, practicing tricep push-ups for your Chaturanga [sequence] in yoga — it truly is a workout where you will create long and lean muscles.

Do you find any similarities between your yoga and Physique 57 practice?
Both are not only challenging physical practices, but mental exercises. In both, you will truly develop a deeper mind and body connection, learn to be in the moment, and the importance of active breathing.

What is your advice for those who are apprehensive or not comfortable trying yoga?
Don’t think to yourself that you will be getting a typical yoga class. The workout is a yoga-inspired Physique 57 class. You are still going to do some of your favorite Physique 57 strength training exercises, you will still get your heart rate up, and the yoga and stretches throughout will feel incredible. Have confidence, take a risk, try something new! I promise your body will thank you.

Childs’ pose is always a great option if you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Rejoin us when you are ready. With practice and patience, things will get better and you will get stronger.

Favorite Physique 57 pose? Favorite yoga pose?
I love the “twizzler” we do in our thigh sets: where you are on one leg pulsing and the other leg will go back and then cross on top of the bottom leg. It will truly “sizzle” the bottom leg, it will get your heart rate up, and once you are in the rhythm moving to the music, it’s really fun!

My favorite yoga pose is the revolving lunge. It’s a great stretch for the back thigh, and the twist is so good for your back. Plus, it feels so good to do after that “twizzler” and thigh work!

Ready to feel the burn and bliss of Barre Meets Yoga? Simply click the link below. And while we’re sharing, we’d love to know: What words, dreams, and goals keep you zen when you’re on the mat or at the barre?