A packed travel schedule can challenge even the best fitness routine. And with studios around the globe, our staff knows a thing or two about keeping your workout progress on track (and having fun while you do it). Read on for our team’s top tips for staying fit while you travel.

#1 Confirm that your hotel room has Wi-Fi.
Then? Rent Physique 360, our all new, equipment-free, online workout. It just launched last week and it’s getting GREAT reviews! Every major muscle group and all the small ones in between will be feeling the heat with this 360-degree full body workout. No equipment needed. Just give us 30 minutes and we’ll give you a full-workout calorie burn.

#2 Get healthy room service.
We’re not talking about strawberries and champagne (not that there’s anything wrong with that..). But a healthy juice is perfect post-workout. Also, many hotels have updated their amenities to include perks from GPS-enabled running maps to in-room yoga mats so be sure to ask for these when you check in.

#3 Get horizontal.
There’s never been a better time to hit a few planks and pretzels to warm up for the day! If a mat is not available, request extra bath towels and layer them by the side of your bed as a roll-out-of-bed reminder. (Want more moves? Stream our Physique Mat workout for just $5!)

#4 Get out of your room.
Set your alarm a few minutes early for a morning walk — whether it’s downstairs to your hotel gym or around an unexplored city block. You’ve got all day to hail cabs and go sightseeing. This is your time — and a perfect time to wake up, cool down from a workout, and get ready for the day ahead.

#5 Shape up your packing list.
When you look good, you feel good. (Yes, even in your hotel room!) Make room in your suitcase for head-to-toe workout favorites — grippy socks, ear buds, a water bottle, and a tee or tank that makes you smile — so you’re prepped (and motivated) to make good on your workout plan.

How do you stay fit while traveling? Share your tips in the comment section below!

Happy (healthy) travels,
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