After hitting the barre, clients often ask our instructors for the name of a song they just pulsed to. Today, we’re launching a monthly music series where we’ll offer you a list of songs we love. This month, NY Instructor Kim D’Agnese, tells us what music she’s been using. Check out what she had to say and the playlist below.

“I love listening to all types of music when working out because it keeps my energy fresh. The occasional throw back song will make me forget about how hard my muscles are working and keep me motivated. When I’m in class listening to a great playlist, I forget about what’s going on outside the studio. For 57 minutes, I am having the healthiest form of fun there is!”

music for working out

Me against the music – Britney Spears 

Dance with me – Pitbull

Louder – Chris Willis 

She doesn’t mind – Sean Paul 

viva la vida – Coldplay

Push it – Salt -N- Pepa

Maneater – Nelly Furtado 

I drove all night – DJ Nano 

Below my feet – Mumford & Sons 

It’s time to download and start pulsing to the beat. Enjoy!

What is your favorite song that you’ve heard in class?