We’re excited to continue our blog series, Client Q&A! Each month we will interview a Physique 57 client that we find inspirational. This month we are featuring Gelila Bekele, a supermodel, humanitarian and social activist.  Here, she shares her personal style, involvement in charities and more! 

gelila bekele

When did you first fall in love with Physique 57?

I heard about Physique 57 via a few friends (fellow models) – how amazing it is and how it has changed their body and posture.  I signed up for a class last winter and have been hooked ever since. Physique 57 has become part of my life. It feels good and right for my body.

You’ve been known to rock a fabulous unitard at the barre – such a bold look! How do you define your everyday style?

LOL yes! I do love a onzie unitard when I work out. It’s just easy and I can see & fix my posture as I work out. My personal style is very easy going. I don’t follow a trend. I like what feels good. Growing up in Ethiopia and Europe has given me a style of my own and so has being exposed to different fabrics and designs. As I grow older I am constantly learning how to embrace my femininity and wear my body comfortably.

What is one thing people might not know about you?

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I am an inspiring documentary filmmaker. That is my passion. I am in the middle of finishing my first documentary. I’m very happy and excited to add filmmaker/model to my name.

We have donated to charity: water to help build a well in India and we know you are very involved in volunteering with Glimmer of Hope Foundation and charity: water. How do you think people can make a difference each day for these organizations?

Charity:water is dear to my heart. It’s my 6th year as a supporter. I was just in Ethiopia visiting our water projects with Scott Harrison (the founder) and a few other members/supporters.  There are so many ways to get involved. Nothing is ever too small!  Giving up your birthday is an amazing way to raise funds. You can get your school, work place and family involved to donate instead of getting a gift.

You recently mentioned on Instagram that you traveled to 6 countries for work.  How do you stay motivated and fit while traveling?

May/June has been an interesting time. I have been to Zurich, Dubai, Ethiopia, Istanbul, Rome and now heading to Paris. All in a month and half so I always try to have a routine between shooting days and travel. I travel with my yoga mat, Physique 57 ball and Physique 57 DVDS. First thing in the morning after I have my juice or tea I do my Physique 57 full body workout. If I have time, I add the AB and Arm Booster workout.  It’s a great way to start my day. I get to stretch and feel strong.

gelila bekele workout
Gelila Bekele doing Physique 57 in her hotel room in Rome (in a onesie, of course)! #NoExcuses

Besides exercise, what is your #1 tip to living a healthier lifestyle?

Besides exercise, I am vegan so it’s not easy to find good nutrition while on the road.  I travel with “vega one shake” and “green vibrance” mix full of minerals, greens and super food. It gives me energy and is great for my skin. Good music and books help me distress.  Also, reminding myself to be grateful for all these experiences in my life helps give me happy and light days.

Thanks again to Gelila Bekele for taking the time to chat with us! We love learning more about you beyond the barre.