Hi, I’m Shannon!  I’m the VOD Production Coordinator and Senior Instructor in NYC.

I’m a mid-western girl at heart, and I love all things music, dance & fitness!  I fell in love with Physique 57 when I was on tour with Mamma Mia. I think I know those original DVDs by heart.

As a teacher, I love that I can continually grow as a person and watch other people achieve their health and fitness goals at the same time. The benefits of Physique have an incredible way of translating into our everyday lives, which is exactly why I love every pulse and squeeze!

Favorite #P57Anywhere move?

Curtsy with a twist!  You can work multiple muscle groups simultaneously – quads, glutes and abs! I love to incorporate fun variations with tempos and twisting for my waistline…It is almost beach season, after all!

Favorite VOD video?
I love Tanya’s Beach video, Total Body: Sculpt, Burn, & Tone!  I’m actually in this video with Tanya, and I had such a blast shooting it. However, it was one of the hottest and BRIGHTEST days, and it was definitely a challenge.  I watch it now while I work out, and forget about the physical challenges I may have felt on that day, because it’s so beautiful to look at the beach and Tanya is so funny and inspiring. It also gives me a sense of empowerment knowing that if I got through that workout in that heat, I can get through any work out!

Shannon torrey tanya

How do you stay motivated?
Consistency is really important for me.  The more consistent I am, the better and stronger I feel!  I also love giving my body a break, and I know I need those breaks to keep my body in peak condition. On days that I struggle to get a work out in, I try to at least go for a long walk with my dog, Lyla.

What’s your favorite music to keep you pulsing through hard workouts?
I need music that has a driving energy and a melody!  I need songs that I can sing along with, so that I forget about the burn!  I love Sia, Beyoncé, Rihanna and yes, Bieber ?

Post-barre snack?
I love Kind Bars. They are my guilty pleasure(dark chocolate with sea salt is my fave!). If I’m headed home after a workout, I love making smoothies.  My go-to smoothie is Banana, Quick Oats, Spinach, Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder, Peanut Butter and coconut milk.

shan smoothie
Remedy for sore muscles?
My lacrosse ball!  Life would be amazing if I could pack my massage therapist in my bag everyday, but unfortunately that will never happen! This is a great way to relieve some tension and soreness in areas that I might have overworked.  I love foam rolling, but sometimes a foam roller is just too big for those harder-to-reach places, so I carry my little ball in my bag everywhere I go.

Favorite brand to pulse in?
My new favorite is Wear It To Heart.  Their leggings and bras are so soft and they fit so well.  Plus, they are light weight, making it the perfect summer attire for post-barre!

Want to learn more about Shannon, see pictures of her dog Lyla, and get great smoothie tips? Follow her on Instagram @Shannagram84!