Hello! I’m Lainee Hunter, a New York City Instructor and VOD coach. I’m thrilled to be launching our Success Story program!


Physique 57 has strengthened me both mentally and physically in so many ways and I’m excited to share that with you. Are you interested in starting your success story? Email me at [email protected] for more information!

Here’s a little bit more about me!

Favorite #P57Anywhere move?
I love pretzel! Standing or sitting, it works so many different areas of my body at once and combines a stretch and strengthening relief for my muscles, especially after long travel days.

Favorite VOD video?
I love Katie’s physique 360 video, its perfect for when you don’t have any equipment available. I also love Chad’s cardio burn Thighs-Glutes- and Abs. I used that one a lot to stay in shape on tour!

How do you stay motivated?
I’m motivated a lot by how I feel, and I know how great I feel mentally and physically after a workout. I try and keep that sensation in mind even when I’m tired and not feeling strong. The energy you put into your workouts will come back to you, it’s worth the burn!

What’s your favorite music to keep you pulsing through hard workouts?

I love a good Kanye West remix, I need strong driving beats and fun rhythms!

Post-barre snack?
I love almond butter on an apple or banana, the Sweetgreen Harvest bowl, or a Mango-Orange citrus smoothie- it’s so refreshing!

Remedy for sore muscles?

I LOVE our stretch videos! Katie’s video is everything. Also, the foam roller. I cannot stress how important those are to your muscles and releasing tension in the fascia. I also take eucalyptus epsom salt baths, the heat and the salt help relax the muscles and the eucalyptus is so refreshing.

Favorite brand to pulse in?
Alo Yoga is my fave for #PhysiqueChic. They make durable comfortable clothing that will last through teaching and taking class.

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