Hi! I’m Chad Levy, VOD Production Manager and Senior Instructor in NYC.  I have loved Physique 57 since the moment I heard about it.  Physique has helped me physically and mentally empower myself and allowed me the amazing and humbling opportunity to help others reach and achieve their goals!  Whatever I can do to help motivate, inspire, and/or deepen your understanding of this amazing technique, I am here for you.

Favorite #P57Anywhere move?
I love the lunge!  Lunges target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and abs all at the same time.  I love the idea of building strength and stability simultaneously.  And there are a ton of variations so I have a lot I can work with!

Favorite VOD video?
I love all the videos I have lead,  haha! I am a huge fan of everyone’s videos and love to learn from each one.  I think we all complement each other and give viewers an incredible arsenal of powerful fitness.

How do you stay motivated?
I always think of the “why” in what I do.  I am a fitness instructor at one of the most amazing places, a husband to the most incredible wife, and a dad to 3 very energetic kids.  I am motivated by the desire to stay healthy and active for myself and those I love most.

What’s your favorite music to keep you pulsing through hard workouts?Anyone who knows me knows I am the ultimate 80’s boy.  Give me a throwback and I am there! Check out some of my music here!

Post-barre snack?
Usually a protein shake to replenish nutrients and help my muscles repair.  Also I love a couple of hard boiled eggs

Remedy for sore muscles?
My biggest tip is to drink enough water.  I think that we tend to drink other beverages and forget the most important one.

Favorite brand to pulse in?
Lululemon for me.  It fits well and feels great. My wife loves the tanks from the boutique.

Want more Chad? Check out his videos here or find him on the schedule here! You can also follow Chad on Instagram @ChadLevy