Physique 57 offers monthly barre-based fitness challenges to help keep you accountable for your workouts and motivated throughout the month.   In celebration of Mother’s Day, for an extra challenge this month, try to do one workout with your mother or another special woman in your life.  If you’re unable to work out with them, introduce them to Physique 57 as a Mother’s Day gift!*

Bonus! Tweet, Instagram or email us your photos to [email protected] throughout the challenge with the hashtag #Physique57Challenge for a chance to WIN a Physique 57 burnout tee (Value: $57)! One winner will be chosen at the end of the month.

*If you are in NYC, you get a free class through our Influencer Program for every new client you refer.  Not in New York? Send your mom or special woman in your life a link to one of our online workouts!

New York and Los Angeles Challenge

Work out 16 days this month.  Map out your schedule each Sunday before the week starts and hold yourself accountable to that schedule.  Want to sign up for classes on-the-go?  We have an app for that!  Download our NY or LA app and start scheduling your workouts.

10 Mixed
2 Intermediate
1 Advanced
1 Formula 57
2 Physique Cardio

DVD Challenge

Work out 26 days this month. Click here to download the calendar!

Leave a comment below if you plan to participate in this challenge. Check back regularly throughout the month to help stay accountable to yourself and each other!