Many people are used to working out on hard surfaces. So we get a lot of questions about why our studios are carpeted. Here’s the lowdown.


One reason only: Our floors are carpeted for your comfort and safety. This provides a low-impact surface while reducing any undue stress on your bones and joints while you’re doing standing work. Plus, that extra bit of cushioning makes a huge difference in your comfort level when you’re powering through  the ab series or keeping poised during the pretzel.

A carpeted surface is also gentler on your forearms during planking, knees (hello, thigh dancing!), and softer on your hip bones and vertebrae when you’re lying on the ground. Your feet already go through a lot each day so this additional support will provide welcome relief so that you can focus on the areas that really count.

Not only is your comfort incredibly important to us; so is your health. All clients are required to wear socks or slippers to keep things as sanitary as possible, but we also vacuum and disinfect the carpets several times a day, steam-clean them at least once a week, and have them professionally and organically cleaned several times a year.

But don’t fret if you are doing our video workout and don’t have carpet – just grab a mat or towel and you’ll be all set to sweat!

If you have any more carpet-related questions, please reach out to your Studio Director.