We’re excited to announce the launch of our Physique 57 branded clothing now available in studios and in our Shop boutique online. We designed this new Physique 57 branded collection as a way to bridge fashion and function while at the barre.

“The new Physique 57 collection is a true reflection of the empowering feeling clients achieve during each and every Physique 57 workout. The fabrics we chose are about feeling sexy, stylish and fabulous. We have no doubt clients will enjoy wearing them in and out of the studio!” – Tanya Becker

Here are the new branded Physique 57 clothing pieces available in our online boutique.

Physique 57 Branded Clothing

1. Physique 57 Thumbhole – $70
2. Physique 57 Time Stamp Tee (Out of stock) – $45
3. Physique 57 City Tee (Out of stock) – $45
4. Physique 57 Metallic Capri – $80
5. Physique 57 Powerful Tee (Out of stock) – $45
6. Physique 57 Built-In Tank – $60
7. Physique 57 Grey Legging – $75
8. Physique 57 Metallic Drape – $65

Additional styles and colors available in studio or in our online boutique. Start shopping!

We’re also having a VINTAGEP57 50% OFF Sale in our online boutique off all vintage Physique 57 logo branded clothing (excluding socks). Use code VINTAGEP57 at checkout to receive 50% off. Shop Physique 57 clothing now!

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