We took a beat with globetrotting veteran instructor Julie Cobble (and modifier in our new Barre Meets Yoga online workout) to see what life is like when she’s on (and off) the barre (and clock) in one of our newest cities.


I wake up in my ‘condolette’, located in the heart of Bangkok, around 5:30-6:30am almost every day. I am a morning person, and I do not mind getting to work earlier here, as it does get quite warm, quite fast. I have Greek yogurt with oat bran and a little sugar for breakfast, and I treat myself to a Starbucks latte mid-morning to keep me going. Nothing helps Physique-ing like some protein and a little caffeine!

I usually listen to the playlist that I will be using that day for my classes on my Spotify account. It gets me pumped up for teaching, and helps me organize my class choreography.

Once at the studio, I change into my Lululemon or Lorne Jane. While I love bright colors, I usually am a typical New Yorker when it comes to my leggings: I sport simple black and grey on bottom. I pop on my Physique 57 grippy socks, or my Bloch split sole barre shoes, and I’m ready to hit the blue carpet, Bangkok-style!


For lunch, I eat something simple like a banana or an apple with peanut butter. My favorite treat to rehydrate with is a whole coconut that you can get on a street cart for about $1! They cut the top off and stick a straw in it for you to take to go. It’s the sweetest, most natural coconut water you could ever taste!


In the afternoon, I hold training sessions with new instructors or meet with a couple of the original four instructors to go over new choreography, new class formats, and review their cueing in English, as it is impressively the second language for all of them. (I took about 40 hours of Thai language classes, and while it is an amazing language and such beautiful script, I cannot imagine teaching a group fitness class in Thai- yikes!)

After work, if I’m feeling energized, I take a long run. I try to run a 10k at least once or twice a week, as I find it really clears my head, helps me listen to my music for classes, and honestly gives me some time to think about my new life here.



On long days, if I’m not up for a second workout, I sit outside at my favorite local bar/restaurant, “The Queen Bee”, and treat myself to a glass of wine. I believe everything in moderation is the way to live! If you earn it, you deserve it– don’t give it too much thought!

For dinner, I love an easy stir-fry, or a bean burrito, with protein and cheese (which is harder to come by over here).

My favorite new restaurant is called Namsaah tucked away in a back alley, as most fun places are. Delicious food and cocktails are a step away, hidden behind the crazy traffic-filled streets and food-carts and palm trees that spill out onto the sidewalks. My favorite Thai dish is and always will be green curry served with black rice.


I have been blessed to have several visitors the past few months, and have tagged along on their beach trips on the weekends. The beaches here are the most beautiful I have ever seen and some have limestone rocks protruding from the crystal clear warm waters. I have been to Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Mook, and a client, Pearly, generously invited me to her villa in Koh Samui. The scenery will never get old, and it forces you to relax when you get out of the chaos of Bangkok city life.



Every day, while I still have that New Yorker ‘walk fast and get it done’ mentality, the heat, long days, and spice, makes me slow down a little. So I try to listen to my current favorite song, (no matter how cheesy!), wake up early and seize the day, have a glass of wine, and not stress quite so much. Some parts of life can be easier if we allow them to be. “Sabai-sabai” as they say here in Bangkok and I completely agree: “easy and relaxed” is a good way to live.

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