Everybody loves a 2 for 1 deal, and the curtsy will satisfy your craving for a move that multi-tasks, working your outer and inner thighs at the same time! As an added bonus, while you’re shaping your legs, the curtsy works your core by challenging your balance and stability. Your body may quiver and shake, but we think the payoff is well worth the price!


Muscles targeted: Inner and outer thighs, core


How To:

  1. Start from a kneeling position, left leg and foot forward, slightly turned out, and right knee on the floor under your hip.
  2. With hands on the front thigh for support, tuck the back toes under and lift the back knee off of the floor.
  3. Keeping shoulders and hips square and chest inclined slightly forward, cross the back leg behind you slightly towards the left, with the back heel remaining high.
  4. While the front knee stays stable over the front ankle, bend the back knee deeper and take small pulses down and up, just a few inches off of the floor.
  5. Do 30-40 pulses, and then switch legs!

See how it’s done here:

 [iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/c-iopVRXWAE” width=”100%” height=”447″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=true]

Tips for success:

  • Think of this move like a lunge that is slightly turned out.
  • Watch that you don’t let your front knee bend forward past the toes. The back leg is the mobilizer.
  • The pulse doesn’t have to be a big movement to be effective – small movements at your lowest point of control can be a great challenge for your stability and strength.
  • Option to reach your arms up by your ears and pull down as you pulse to work your back muscles and add a blast of cardio!



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