Reagan Baker lives in New York City where she is a hairdresser at Whittemore House Salon and writes a beauty blog, Hairdresser On Fire, that shares tips to getting gorgeous locks and offers amazing video tutorials! An avid Physique 57 client, Reagan teamed up with our team to offer hair tutorials on how to look and feel good while hitting the barre. This is Part 3 of a 3-Part Series. Click Part 1 and Part 2 for more how-to tutorials. Enjoy!

Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I get a better work out when I’m put together even just a little. I like wearing small earrings, cute workout clothes and an actual hairstyle rather than just a plain old bun or pony tail. I’m so excited to be here sharing three simple hairstyles that you can wear while you workout. Each look is great both inside and outside of the studio, and they only take a few minutes to complete! Our third tutorial in the series is a zipper braid-bun that I modeled.

zipper braids

To Prep: You’ll need a brush, a pony tail holder and basic french braiding skills. Optional: Two elastic headbands.

Step 1-2: Tip your head upside down and comb through your hair thoroughly. Since we’re braiding, it’s good to have every last knot out.

Step 3: Start a french braid at the nape of your neck. Because the braid loosens up a lot when you flip back up, you want it pretty tight. Continue french braiding until you get to the crown of your head.

Step 4: While holding the braid firmly in place, gather all the rest of your hair and pull up into a high topknot. 

Step 5-6: Add an elastic headband or two for flair. I like to use two and space them apart.

Rock that zipper braid with a bun while you’re tightening your core in your Physique 57 class. Your hair will be cute enough to wear out for coffee with girlfriends afterwards!

We hope you enjoyed our 3-Part Series Hair Tutorial. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more fun looks.