Reagan Baker lives in New York City where she is a hairdresser at Whittemore House Salon and writes a beauty blog, Hairdresser On Fire, that shares tips to getting gorgeous locks and offers amazing video tutorials)! An avid Physique 57 client, Reagan teamed up with our team to offer hair tutorials on how to look and feel good while hitting the barre. This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series. For Part 1, click here to see how to make a fun braid. Enjoy!

Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I get a better workout when I’m put together even just a little. I like wearing small earrings, cute workout clothes and an actual hairstyle rather than just a plain old bun or pony tail. I’m so excited to be here sharing three simple hairstyles that you can wear while you workout. Each look is great both inside and outside of the studio, and they only take a few minutes to complete! Our second tutorial in the series is a fun, wrap-around ponytail that I did with Kristen, a loyal Physique 57 client.

To Prep: You’ll need a tail comb, a pony tail holder (I like the clear ones from Goody), a bobby pin or two, and tangle free hair.

Step 1-3: Use the tail comb to part your hair as desired (you can also wear it all back with no part). Kristen has straight/blunt bangs, so to keep them out of her face, we gave her a heavy part to the side, sweeping everything over and pinning. This is my way of faking a “no bangs” look.

Step 4: Pull your hair up into a tight pony tail. Depending on your preference, you can wear it high, low or to the side. Secure with an elastic.

Step 5: Take a small section of hair from your pony tail and wrap it around the elastic so that it’s completely covered.

Step 6: Secure with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Now you have a fun wrap-around ponytail with which to hit the barre in style.

While squeezing the playground ball approximately 600 times between your thighs, smile at the thought of how pretty your hair looks.

Enjoy this tutorial? In Part 3 we’ll give you tips on how to make a fancy bun.