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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is only normal to be interested in romantic activities you and your partner can engage in. You might not consider yoga to be among your options but, in reality, this practice can bring the two of you closer together. The various yoga poses recommended for partners will make you feel alive with passion, not to mention they have a wide range of benefits to offer for general health. Keep on reading and discover the top seven partner yoga poses for a romantic experience on Valentine’s Day.

Yoga is a spiritual practice, one that has benefits for both the body and the mind. When practiced together with a partner, it brings additional benefits, including from an emotional point of view. From a physical perspective, partners who practice yoga together can reach a higher level of relaxation. By holding on to your partner, you will be more successful with your poses and strengthen your body in a more efficient manner. As you will see for yourself, yoga is beneficial for both mental and physical health; this fact has been confirmed by numerous studies, including one published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

#1 Dog pose

couples yoga

Yoga is one of the most natural ways to increase stamina and feel more energized. For the dog pose, you will have to lie on your stomach, making sure that your arms are kept close to the body. Your partner should be on your back, with legs extended. Raise your arms and support the weight of your body on your toes. Your partner should raise her arms as well, with the feet completely extended (support on anterior part of the foot). Stretch as much as you can, maintain the pose for half a minute, then return to the initial position.

The biggest benefit that this pose has to offer is the activation of the thyroid gland. Moreover, the dog pose can activate your metabolism and strengthen the muscles in your back and neck. If your partner is suffering from low testosterone, this is a good pose to try out. The benefits of yoga with regard to male sexuality have been confirmed by numerous studies, including one that was published in Sexual Medicine.

#2 Dunking-for-apples pose

partner yoga

Begin this pose by sitting on the floor and facing your partner. The legs should be completely extended and positioned in the shape of a V. The feet of your partner should touch your ankles. Lock your arms together and grab each other at the level of the elbows. Maintain the posture and allow your partner to extend his/her back. As your partner leans backwards, make sure to bend in the forward direction. Maintain the pose, then return to the initial position. Switch sides with your partner and repeat.

The dunking-for-apples pose is ideal for those who are interested in strengthening their spine. It is also great for those with low testosterone levels, as it activates the reproductive organs and stimulates their healthy functioning. It can also strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper arms. The benefits of yoga, with regard to muscle strength and toning, have been demonstrated by a wide range of studies, including one published in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health.

#3 Double tree pose

yoga for 2

Begin this pose by standing next to your partner, your bodies touching at the level of the thorax. Raise your arms and make sure they are glued to one another. The opposing arms should be touching as well, at the level of the hands. Stand on one leg and bend the other, bringing it on the thigh (as high you can). Maintain the position, then switch sides and repeat.

This pose, like many other yoga poses, can bring immediate changes in muscle strength. Such changes have been confirmed by numerous studies, including one published in the Indian Journal of Physiological Pharmacology. The muscles targeted by this pose are the calves and thigh muscles, as well as the ones in your back. When it comes to natural ways to increase stamina, this pose stands at the top of the list. It also improves sperm volume in men, increases concentration and helps with your balance.

#4 Reclining bound angle pose

partner yoga

Begin this pose by lying on your back, with the hips flexed and the soles of the feet on the floor. Your partner should be in the same position, next to you. While following a deep breathing pattern, extend your hands and make sure that your palms are looking upwards. Extend your hips as wide as it is possible; if you want, you can use your hands to increase the range of motion. Bring your soles together and maintain the posture. Return to the initial position and repeat.

This pose is indeed recommended for more advanced practitioners but it has numerous benefits to offer. It can improve libido, by bringing more blood towards the pelvis. At the same time, it can be used to ease menstrual cramps and feel better quickly. If you will also stretch your arms, you can obtain a general feeling of relaxation. Yoga is highly beneficial for women, especially when it comes to depression and anxiety, as it has been shown in a study published in Complementary Therapies. For men, this pose is ideal in case of low testosterone.

#5 Wide-legged forward bend

couples yoga

Begin by standing face-to-face with your partner, with the legs wide apart from one another. Raise your hands in the air and bend forward, as much as you can. For the next step, try to bring your hands towards the back; the fingers should intertwine. Your partner should follow the same steps. Maintain the pose for as long as you can, then return to the original position and repeat.

Not only is this pose one of the natural ways to increase stamina but it can also help both you and your partner to become more flexible. You can use it to stretch every muscle in your body, particularly your leg, abdominal, and groin muscles. The fact that yoga increases overall flexibility has been confirmed by numerous studies, including one published in the Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research.

#6 Partner stretch

yoga in pairs

Begin this pose by lying on your back, with the arms kept parallel from the legs. At this point, your partner should kneel over you, making sure that his right knee is touching the floor and the other one is flexed at a right angle. He should lift your left leg and push the toes towards the chest. Make sure that your hips are not raised, as this will allow for a correct execution. Maintain the pose, return to the original position and repeat.

The passive stretching will allow you to relax every muscle of your body, not to mention your joints are going to be thankful for the reduction of physical stress. You can use this pose to tone the muscles in your legs and improve both your posture and the one of your partner. The regular practice of yoga can improve the overall postural stability, it has been demonstrated in a study published in Yoga Practice & Physiotherapy.

#7 Couple warrior pose

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Begin this pose by standing, with the thorax rotated and the arms extended in a perpendicular position from the legs. Bring one leg forward and flex your knee, making sure that the other leg remains in position, with the knee completely extended. Your partner should assume a similar position while standing next to you. Maintain the pose for several minutes, then return and switch sides. Repeat the pose.

This pose is excellent for those who are interested in strengthening their hamstrings and quadriceps muscle. It also strengthens the core and fills both you and your partner with energy. It is indeed one of the natural ways to increase stamina, not to mention it can be useful for men who are dealing with low testosterone levels. According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, yoga is one of the best choices for increasing overall energy levels.

In conclusion, these are some of the best partner yoga poses you should consider trying this Valentine’s Day. Dare to do something different and keep in mind that the practice of yoga can bring you and your partner closer together. It will allow you to explore your passion from a completely different perspective, so you should definitely give it a try.