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Many people want to lose a couple of extra pounds or maintain their existing excellent physical shape without the risk of gaining weight again. To make the right choice and stay on the safest and most effective path to lose weight, you need to know more about it.

Obviously, intense physical activity and exercise can burn excess fat and give your body that desired slender look. Cardio is considered the optimal method for losing weight because it brings the most desired effect.

What Is Cardio?

These are intensive cardiovascular aerobic exercises with many repetitions. Experts discovered that if maximum efforts during 20 seconds are alternated with the rest for 10 seconds, it leads to a greater effect in terms of fat burning and physical fitness, than 60-minute workouts of low or medium intensity. The matter is that while oxygen is transported in large amount to the body cells, it acts as the main factor to burn fat.

Some people mistakenly refer cardiovascular training to power loads. Despite the fact that the muscles are in constant tension during the workout, the load on them differs significantly from the one they experience when doing strength exercises. In most cases, cardio is aimed at improving the functions of the heart and lungs, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, the assimilation of nutrients, and burning of excess fats, which are converted into energy.

The principle of cardio is a large number of repetitions. Exercises that are part of the training complex can be quite simple and easy, but they have a big effect on the muscles due to repetitions. As you know, strength training is aimed at the development of muscles without affecting the fat tissues. With cardio, everything is different. Fats are in the priority and the side effect of cardio is strong and elastic muscles.

When is the Best Time to Do Cardio?

If you want to achieve tangible results in the shortest possible time, you need to choose the right time for cardio. Many people consider this issue in different ways, but there is no significant evidence that there is one best time for cardio training for every person.When deciding to do it, many factors must be taken into account. Following a few simple recommendations, you can make your cardio workout the most effective.

Morning Cardio Exercises

The obvious advantages of morning cardio for fat loss are a cheerful disposition of many people after waking up and the minimum reserve of glycogen in both liver and muscle tissues after night time. During the night’s sleep, glycogen is fully consumed, which means that after the start of training, the mechanism of fat burning will start almost immediately.

To fully experience the effects of morning exercises in aerobic fitness, it is necessary to train before breakfast. Otherwise, the carbohydrates that have just been received at breakfast and not the excessive fat will be burned. But if your stomach is empty, your body will seek for the source of energy and find it in your muscles. So, it is recommended to have a light snack 30 minutes before cardio training.

But if you’re more like a nightowl, you may have a low level of motivation for aerobic exercises in the morning. Your exercises will be far from intensive. The weakness and dizziness may last the whole day.

Afternoon Exercise for Weight Loss

If morning exercises are not good for you, you can choose another time. Nobody will forbid you to exercise for your heart health and fat burning in the daylight, say, afternoon. However, here you will encounter some difficulties. For example, you cannot train immediately after lunch. It is necessary that some time passes. Your lunch should be full and it is better to take a light snack, that is, fast carbohydrates, before the cardio. Such a discrepancy, which is difficult to correct, prevents you from having a high-performance cardio workout during the day. It is almost never done because few people have time to devote themselves to aerobic exercises in the midst of the working day.

Evening Cardio Workouts

Is it healthy to have a cardio workout in the evening? Experts claim that it is, provided that the food is properly selected. This means that enough of carbohydrates and proteins must be taken before the cardio. This is necessary to protect the muscle tissues during your workout and to provide the body with enough energy for the entire cardio workout.

In addition, you need to eat some high-calorie food 15 minutes before the start of cardio training. As a result, the blood will be enriched with glucose and insulin. Exercises will be more intensive and fat will disappear in larger amounts. It is also important to take food after workout in a certain way. This should be done after about one hour. Your food should be full of proteins and complex sugars. In other words, you need to have a light supper after evening cardio.

Generally, science supports the idea of going to the gym in the evening, but it is important to listen to your body and decide for yourself who you are, a morning lark or a nightowl.


Most people will agree that the best time for cardio is the time when you feel most energetic during the day. To make your cardio training effective, you must be consistent in your training process. The benefits of cardio exercises can only be seen if you always follow the established schedule.

Every person has a certain time of day when he feels the best. Try to determine what time of day is good for you and whether this is suitable for your cardio training. Remember that there is no specific time of day which is proven to help you improve your cardiovascular system and burn excess fat. After all, it’s really up to you to decide.