Get an Intense Workout At Home With These Simple Steps

Looking for a great workout at home? Get excited because Physique 57 is bringing the barre to you with our Video On Demand series. Get our signature studio workout at home with over 80 videos and workout programs spanning 10, 15, 30, 45 and 57 minutes. Pick and choose from our top fitness instructors, target a specific part of your body and expand your Physique 57 repertoire without ever having to leave the house.

But before you start pulsing and squeezing, you may be wondering just how on earth you can transform your living room into a space equipped to handle the Physique 57 realness. Read on as we break down how to get an awesome workout from the comfort of home.

Create Your “Barre Spot” 

Many – but not all – Physique 57 videos incorporate the use of a “barre.” And, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a classic Physique 57 barre installed in your living room. But you’re in luck because just about anything can be a barre if it’s of significant weight and the right height. One tip is to use a heavy chair, sofa, or table and see if it can withstand your weight as you lean on it. Or opt for a video that doesn’t incorporate barre work, like our classic Mat 57 series or a more focused workout that targets the arms, abs or glutes.

Invest in Heavy (and Light) Weights

Whether you’re a Physique 57 beginner or total pro, utilizing weights increases the intensity of any exercise and helps protect us from disease, so your workout at home will be chock full of challenge. Fortunately, hand weights are relatively small and easy to store, so you can break them out during Signature’s opening arm exercises, or use them throughout Mat classes as well during as Barre-Meets-Mat. Some classes swap out heavy and light weights depending on the movement, so you may want to double down and have three pound and five-to-ten pound weights on-hand. The beautiful thing about Physique 57 is that 99% of the workout involves using your own body weight as resistance, however there’s always room for more weight, especially for those hard-to-reach triceps and biceps.

Keep Those Grippy Socks Handy 

One of the benefits of doing Physique 57 On Demand is that you can literally workout at home in your pajamas and no one will notice. But, in an effort to stay in poses longer and feel confident and sturdy in your footing, we advise that you continue to wear the same grippy socks you would normally utilize in the studio. Even if your workout at home is on a hardwood floor or carpeting, the last thing you want to do is slip around in the middle of a thigh set.

Find Your Ball

The Physique 57 ball is one of the most important accessories of any class, whether Signature, Mat 57 or shorter, more targeted body blasts. We use it throughout thigh work, in our glute sections as well as throughout various core series. Not only does it help transform your body, but it transcends the average pose into something much deeper. While you may not have one of our round balls for your workout at home, you probably have something that can work as a substitute. A softer soccer ball will work, or even a blow up beach ball. Worst comes to worst, try to squish up a throw pillow or blanket to add a bit of support during abs where the ball world normally be. As long as you can throw something between those thighs during standing V pose you should be good to go. Your muscles won’t even know the difference.