#ThrowbackThursdays never looked better. Because today, we’re rounding up over 15 of our best-loved mini barre workouts, ever. From body-sculpting, one-move wonders, to Rockette-worthy ab work we lifted straight from the stage, each barre workout video zeroes in on a single, simple set of moves that will sculpt and redefine your body in no time (well, almost no time)! Get started with your free barre workouts below:


Best Barre Workouts


How to: Get strong, toned arms:

Arm sculpting exercises with Fab Fit Fun:

Get strong biceps and a beautiful back:

Get toned triceps:


Torch your thighs:

Work your inner thighs:

Slim your legs and waist:

Slim and tone your legs:

Get gorgeous thighs and legs:


Target your butt:

Get a better butt:

Butt-enhancing exercises with Fab Fit Fun:


Get rock hard abs:

Plank and ab exercises with Fab Fit Fun:

Full Body & General Fitness Workouts

5 barre moves you can do at home with Physique 57:

A full body workout in 1 move:

Increase your metabolism & bone density:


Tone your arms with triceps side press:

Master the Pretzel:

Abs and oblique work – The Rockette Exercise:

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