No need to fear summer this year, we’ve got your back (and front) covered with our Physique F.I.T. format. This class takes our signature format and turns up the heat by bringing extra focus and attention (and serious results) to your arms and seat (just in time for beach season). Spot-on arm reps will strengthen, tone and banish any arm jiggle while our seat sculpting sequences will make everything right and tight. 


Manager of Talent and Instructor, Holly Hendricks, tells us why she loves this class and why you should be adding it to your routine.

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How would you describe F.I.T. and how is it different from other Physique 57 classes?
F.I.T. is a full body workout with a major focus on arm and seat work. The sprints are a little longer than your typical arm and seat intervals, so it really gives you the opportunity to overload those muscle groups. Unlike many of our other offerings, clients can expect to stay at their barre spots for the majority of the class.

What can clients expect when taking F.I.T.?
Clients can expect a major arm and seat burn! We use both heavy and light weights to sculpt every inch of the front and back of the arms and we utilize both floor and standing seat work to get the gluts and hamstrings sizzled! Spoiler alert: thigh dancing comes at the end of class, raising the metabolic rate and leaving clients finishing up with a quick cardio sprint!

What does this class offer results-wise that makes it an essential part of a weekly class regimen?
While thigh work is woven throughout the intense focused sprints, F.I.T. is a great opportunity to focus more on your arms and seat. Not to mention it’s a fun way to switch up the format, especially if you are used to taking signature level most days.

How often do you advise clients to take this specific class?
F.I.T. is a great part of your Physique 57 regime 1-2 times per week, especially if you are coming 3-4x per week. It’s a great standalone class, but is an excellent paring to more thigh and abs focused classes, such as Signature, Amped Up! or S.B.T.

Name 3 favorite moves that you like to include in your F.I.T. class. Why do you love them?

Lat pulls in a lunge position: Great for the posture, abdominal strength and stability, and thighs and seat.


Tricep Kickbacks, stepping foot forward and back: Works triceps, lower body (thighs) plus gets a little cardio in!FIT_BlogGraphic5

Hairpin: Targets inner thighs, outer glutes and burns like crazy!


Music is a key part of our class experience. Name your 3 favorite songs you’re currently playing in your F.I.T. class!
Someone Who Needs Me -Bob Sinclair
Don’t -Ed Sheeren, Don Diablo Remix
Seven Nation Army -The White Stripes

Do you have any tips clients should keep in mind when taking this class?
This class is open to everyone so there are options throughout, but we stay in intervals a little longer than we typically would and all the stretches come at the end, so expect a great burn! It’s my favorite class to take but I still have to stop to take a break during all of the triceps work – don’t be afraid to shake it out and as always, have fun!

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