This month, we’re kicking off a new blog feature devoted to our variety of classes and the moves behind them that will hook you (and tone you) from the very first session. Welcome to Format of the Month. First up? Amped Up!


We designed Amped Up! to take clients (and their metabolisms) to a whole new level thanks to targeted sequences, perfectly timed ab sprints, and cardio-boosting moves that will rev results right along with your heart rate. Instead of breaking down all the reasons we know you’ll love it, we’re switching things up and going straight to the source with NY Instructor, Ashley Perez! Below, Ashley dishes on what clients can expect from this new format, why she loves it and more!

Bonus! Take 4 Amped Up! classes in April in NYC or Los Angeles and receive a COMPLIMENTARY Mat 57 class in May (our next month’s featured format!).

What do you love about this new class format?
I love that the class is classic Physique 57 but it brings an added cardio twist and bonus ab sprints to the table.

What can clients expect when taking Amped Up!?
You can expect a very similar class flow to our Signature classes, but we tap into the abs in the warm up, there is a challenging push-up and plank series (my favorite!), and we tighten up the pacing between exercises to amp up the results factor. This really keeps your heart rate up for the full hour.

What does this class offer results-wise that makes it an essential part of a weekly class regimen?
Amped Up! brings a newfound excitement and fun to the traditional Physique 57 format. It really is a jam packed hour that squeezes every ounce out of your body. It also brings a more cardiovascular element to the table that you won’t get quite as much of in a Signature or Beginner class.

How often do you advise clients to take this specific class?
I would suggest at least once a week, but ideally twice. Variety is KEY!

You are known for your creative sequences. What are your 3 favorite moves that you like to include in your Amped Up! class and why do you love them?

Side plank: If you’ve ever taken my class, you know that planking is one of my favorite exercises. This move is going to help increase the stability in your core by digging deeper into your obliques than you can in a forearm plank.

Oblique twist push up: In this move, you bring your knee to your opposite elbow as you bend your arms. This is going to rev up your heart rate and torch your obliques all at once!

Lunge with heavy weights: I love this move because not only are you sculpting your shoulders and building your metabolic rate with the heavy weights, you’re also strengthening your core to balance your upper body against them. Not to mention firing up multiple muscles in your legs, making this a full body move.

Music is a key part of our class experience (and you’re known for your totally awesome playlists) and getting clients revved up. Name 3 not-to-be-missed songs to drive the energy in Amped Up!
My music preferences are always changing based on what is hot right now, but here are 3 that I’m into right now:
Ex’s and Oh’s (Riddler Reach Out & Touch Bootleg) – Elle King
Move Your Body – Sia
Pour It Up (RL Grime Remix) – Rihanna

You have recently been featured as both a lead and a demonstrator in our online streaming videos. Do you change up your exercise routine when you want to be in top condition and look your best?
When looking to be in great shape, variety is everything. Always try to surprise your body. Change things up regularly, and you’ll see a difference quickly. Grab your heavy set of weights and get into Amped Up!

Now that you have the scoop on this new format, let’s get to booking! Book an Amped Up! class in NYC here or in Beverly Hills here.