Tricep dips sculpt sexy, toned arms in no time and don’t require any equipment besides your own body weight. What’s great about this exercise is that although it focuses on your triceps, it actually incorporates multiple body parts (abs, glutes and hamstrings) which help stabilize your body throughout each movement. Take a look at the setup and how-to instructions below to learn proper form.

Muscles Targeted
Triceps, quadriceps, core

The Setup
1) Place your hands on the floor with your fingertips facing forward
2) Place your feet hip width apart on the floor
3) Lift your seat off the floor

1) Bend your elbows and then straighten them but make sure not to lock your arms
2) Keep your body weight shifted back
3) A more advanced variation of the tricep dip is the Tricep Can-Can shown above. Bend your arms when your leg is straight up and then straighten your arms when your knee is bent in towards your chest. Repeat and work towards the burn!
4) Do 8-10 reps on each side

Note: Make sure to keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades together as you go up and down. You should also focus on bending your elbows in towards each other and not out to the sides.

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