The Pretzel is a Physique 57 favorite, with good reason! This exercise is the ultimate multitasking move, simultaneously helping you lift your seat, trim your thighs and carve out a tinier waistline.

Take a look at the set up and tips below to ensure you have proper form then try this exercise in our new online workout, Physique Biceps & Buns here.

Muscles Targeted
Entire seat, abductors, hamstrings and the obliques.

1) Start seated with your right leg at a 90 degree angle in front of you and your left leg at a 90 degree angle behind you.
2) Place your hands forward in a line parallel to your right shin, framing your knee.
3) Bring your left thigh as far behind you as possible, making sure your knee is behind your hip.  Rotate your knee down and your toes up.


How To
Lift your back knee just off the floor, maintaining the knee lower than the foot.  While moving your leg, scoop your abdominals up and actively engage your core so that you are seated as upright as possible and are light on your hands.  Begin small, controlled lifts of your leg, keeping your leg an inch or so off the floor.

Note:  Focus on keeping your abs engaged, relax your shoulders and press your working leg as far behind you as you can with each and every rep.  It is essential that your working leg stay behind your hip. As you get started and develop your core strength, you may need to lean slightly forward and away from your lower body in order to be able to elevate your working leg.  If necessary you can always lower down onto the same forearm as your front leg, aligning it parallel to your thigh.  Remember, even if on your forearm, your abs are lifted and your posture is proud!  If there’s no burn- there’s no firm!
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