Standing hairpin is the perfect exercise to lift and tighten your seat. This move will slim down the whole outer seat and thigh, focusing on trimming the saddle bag area.  No need to fear white skinny jeans!

Muscles Targeted
Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus; abductors

1) Place your forearm on the barre or a sturdy piece of furniture.  Take a big step away from your forearm so you are leaning your upper body into the barre/ furniture while stacking your torso and hips, as if you are between two panes of glass.  Angle your toes diagonally towards the barre and bend your knees.  Taking a hold of your top leg, lift it off the floor keeping your knee slightly bent.  This should create one long vertical line from the crown of your head out through your knee.
2) Lengthen through your tailbone so your lower back is long and your abdominals are engaged, hugging your front hip points and rib cage together.
3) Draw your knee forward on a diagonal, creasing at the hip while maintaining a neutral spine.
4) Internally rotate your working leg, so your knee is lower than your toes to work the side and back of the seat.

How to
Maintain the exact position listed above, keeping the lower back long with the tailbone lengthened towards the center of the room. Depending upon your flexibility, the leg will probably only be on the diagonal, maximum parallel to the barre.  From there, pulse the leg up and down an inch, close your knees together and apart and bend and press your top leg.

Helpful Tip: Both sides of the torso should be long, so be sure that you don’t crunch the top side of your torso to lift the leg higher. Your torso should be perpendicular to the barre so be sure you are not leaning back.  This position of the torso requires a lot of abdominal support.  Be wary if your hip is crunched or your lower back is rounded. Keep length in the body to put the work where it is effective, in the outer glutes!

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