Side to Side Plank Form

Last month, we learned proper form for the Forearm Plank. This month, we’re focusing on another variation of this exercise – the Side Plank!

The Side Plank is known for opening the chest and heart, which leads to expansion of the rib cage and increased oxygen to the lungs and body. As for strength, this pose focuses on the back and chest simultaneously while engaging your core to improve balance. It will help increase the stability in your core by digging deeper into your obliques than you can in a forearm plank. When in this position, begin lifting for 5-10 slow reps and then 10 quick reps and repeat on other side!

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to do a Side Plank in the below video to understand positioning.

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Don’t live near a studio? Try a side plank in the below online workouts.

side plank

Side Plank with Chad