Does barre class work? Yes, when you have proper form! Here’s everything you wanted to know about The Physique 57 Curl, a move that will engage your entire waistline for the ultimate meltdown by targeting all four layers of the abdominal wall. Get ready to shape your abs into your own human Spanx! We’ll take a closer look at Curl to explain the positioning and give you essential alignment tips.

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Muscles Targeted:
Entire abdominal wall

How To:
1) Sit just in front of your cushion or towel with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, feet flat on the floor.

2) Hold onto your outer thighs and lower your torso down until your shoulder blades hover just above the cushion. The small of your back should be supported by the cushion. This is your starting position.

3) Release your thighs and extend your arms forward while keeping your shoulders relaxed and your chin out of your chest.  You want to maintain a concave and hollowed out feeling in your core during this exercise, pulling your navel in towards your spine at all times.

4) On an exhale, curl your rib cage up an inch toward your thighs while keeping the lower abdominals pulled in and down.   As you inhale, roll back down to your starting position.  Keep these movements small and controlled– only 1-2 inches up and down.

5) For a variation (as pictured), place a playground ball between your knees, lift one leg and squeeze the ball between your inner thighs.  This challenges your stability, inner thighs and abs!


 fof curl graphic

Helpful Tip: 
When you do abdominal work correctly, you should feel your waistline – NOT your neck, lower back, or shoulders. If you start to feel these others muscle groups in Curl, bring your hands back to your outer thighs and continue with the support of your hands.  You will still be working your abs deeply and you will also ensure that you are utilizing the right muscle groups as you build your strength and stamina!


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