We regularly participate in the weekly #FitBlog Twitter chats that focus on fitness, health, hot topics and more. We were thrilled when FitBlog chats founder, Katy Widrick, asked us to host a chat in April. One of our NY Instructors, Kristina Hanna (@KHKristinaHanna), hosted the chat this past Tuesday, April 9th from 9-10pm ET and the topic was how to fit in a workout anywhere, anytime. Each week, four questions are asked and people in the #FitBlog community answer and debate those questions throughout the chat. We decided to give the format a bit of a twist and gave a fitness command for Q3.
See below for a recap from the Twitter chat in case you missed it.  We absolutely loved some of the answers from Q4!

Q1: What is your favorite go-to quick but effective workout?

A1 @Physique57 Love your monthly challenges. Even though I live in Chicago, I like that I can still participate.

A1: an easy run is the ticket when crunched for time

A1 Physique 57 online workouts  are perfect 4 when i’m on-the-go. Some of them don’t require equipment so it’s a no excuse workout
– @KHKristinaHanna

Q2: What challenges do you face to fit in exercise when time is limited (besides time)?

A2: Coordinating w/ hubs so that our babies (1 & 3) are tended to while we switch off!

Physique 57 response: @MoveLiveLearn Some of our clients buy an extra ball  for their kids and keep them occupied that way during their workouts

Q3: Challenge yourself with a quick workout now – get into a plank position and then do 15 leg lifts on each leg.

A3: I do leg lifts all the time…walking.

A3: It’s an interactive chat tonight – love it!! Getting my plank on now. 🙂

My secret (A3): watching TV shows on my computer while I hold a plank for 2 to 3 minutes. Easy breezy.

Q4: What is your “just do it” mantra about fitting a workout. 

A4: “NO Excuses” is the mantra I’ve used for the last year of my weight loss journey. It works for me!

A4: You are ABLE to do this today. That may not always be the case.

A4: “The more you move now, the better you’ll move later”

A4: I actually sing “Just keep swimming” regardless of the activity.  It really helps!

A4: Book in advance, wake up, no excuses. Get it done early before a busy day can get in the way. Then it becomes routine
– @cat_fuentes

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