Physique 57 offers monthly barre challenges to help keep you accountable for your workouts and motivated throughout the month. In the past, these challenges have been posted on Facebook in the Notes tab.  Moving forward, challenges will be posted on this blog on the last Thursday of every month. 


In honor of International Friendship Month, we’re challenging you to work out with a friend or family member at least 2 times this month. Want to work out together but don’t live near each other? Set a date/time to do your DVD or online video workout together remotely from the comfort of your living room, hotel, or wherever you see fit. Don’t forget to check in with eachother after you’ve completed your workout. A motivating call/text (or tweet) always feels good!

Keep in mind that this is the shortest month of the year. Make every day count!

New York BFF Challenge*

If you and a friend each take 16 classes in 4 weeks, we’ll reward each of you with:

– Bliss Hot Cream Manicure
– FREE Physique 57 class
– 15% off your next class package

It’s simple. Sign-up at the front desk and get ready to take on the world!

Los Angeles Studio Challenge

Work out 16 days this month and come to two of those classes with a friend. Map out your schedule each Sunday before the week starts and try to hold yourself accountable to that schedule.

10 Mixed
2 Intermediate
2 Advanced
2 Physique Cardio

Leave a comment below if you plan to participate in this challenge. Check back regularly throughout the month to help stay accountable to yourself and each other!