Our first Physique 57 Escape to Cartagena, Colombia was a blast! Our guests were able to experience the historic Spanish colonial walled city while enjoying luxurious accommodations, daily Physique 57 classes, rich Spanish traditions, restaurants, boutiques and artisans, grand cathedrals & plazas full of life. But don’t take it from us, here are four stories from attendees from our first Physique 57 Escape.

“I am an avid traveler and love to exercise and keep fit. However, I have always found it difficult to travel AND find the balance of still being able to exercise, eat healthy and explore another country and culture. I feel like Escape to Shape did that perfectly. My friend and I were the only ones who had not tried Physique 57 prior to the trip. We loved it from the first class and found the workouts to be so different from what I normally do. I felt like I could feel a difference in my body at the end of the Escape.

The balance of cultural, shopping and dining excursions with the exercise classes and outings (such as the power walks) were perfect. The schedule was planned with time for exploring the city on your own, relaxing at the villa pools, enjoying spa trips. They planned everything perfectly – such as returning from the mud baths and sightseeing and being met at the door with cold banana smoothies, and time to relax before lunch. I cannot say enough about how much you accomplish while on the Escape, yet you still have plenty of time to relax and feel revitalized.

I have never been on a group vacation before with people I didn’t know and the Escape experience is very special because of the friends I made on the trip. I left the Escape feeling personally happier, stronger (physically and mentally), healthier and excited to do an Escape every year as something to do for myself. It was really an empowering experience.”


“I went to Cartagena with with Escape to Shape and Physique 57 this past April with my daughter Lauren. Lauren is pregnant, and she wanted me to do a “girls trip” before she had the baby. I was unsure about going to Cartagena and also doing Physique 57, but I have to tell you I loved everything about the trip and I loved doing Physique 57!

My favorite activity of the trip was the boat ride to the Rosario Islands and the afternoon we spent on that beach. It was wonderful, beautiful and relaxing – we even had a Physique 57 class there! The Physique 57 instructors were super energetic, helpful, and motivating. Besides the Physique 57 classes, what made this trip stand out for me more than anything else was the alliance with Escape to Shape, under the direction of Erica Gragg. I felt like I was on a fitness vacation with my best girlfriend! Everything about the trip was seamless, easy, fun, planned down to the minutest detail. The mix of doing Physique 57 and other fitness-wellness activities, combined with experiencing a new culture and new destination was simply fabulous! I am now an avid fan of Physique 57 but also a fan of Escape to Shape and I cannot wait to go on my next trip!”


“I was at one of the Physique 57 studios and I saw a flyer for the Cartagena trip. After reading about Erica and Escape to Shape and knowing how much I love Physique 57, I was in. I just had to convince my mom to go. I thought this would be the perfect mother/daughter trip. I am expecting in October and I didn’t know the next time that I will be able to get away on a girls trip! My mom and I had a wonderful time and we are so glad we went.

In addition to the classes, I really enjoyed the shopping tour around Cartagena with all the girls. It was really fun and helped us to bond and get to know each other better. I felt fabulous after the trip. I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time and the trip was totally doable. The nice thing about this retreat is that you don’t feel pressured to do anything. I took every class, except for one. However, nothing was mandatory and you could sit out if you wanted. The classes were so good and in such a unique setting that missing one was enough! In addition, all of the food was healthy, filling, and delicious. Erica was super accommodating about dietary restrictions.

The women on this trip were all different. Mothers and daughters, varying in ages, some homemakers and some women with flourishing careers. We all got along and enjoyed each other’s company. We were all like-minded in the sense that we love fitness, travel, exploration, health, and sharing experiences with new people!”


What a treat to partner with Escape to Shape and have the opportunity to teach Physique 57 in such a beautiful, adventurous and vibrant city! Cartagena literally bursts with life- the people, the colors, the tastes and music bustling at every street corner. I’ve literally never had a better cocktail than my Basil Lime Smash at the charming El Baron! Our accommodations were stunning- blending the vibrancy of the city with the serenity of our tranquil oasis.”

If you’re sad you missed out, you’re in luck! We are going back to Cartagena this fall! Learn more here. Go ahead, have fun while you’re keeping in shape, and make the rest of us envious.