All-day calorie burn. Hooks you’ll be humming all day. Welcome to Physique 57 Playlist – a rundown of the songs and mixes that inspire us to sweat, stretch, and pulse through our most popular workouts. First up: Our End of Summer Workout Playlist. Press play and prepare to sweat (and smile!)



Just ask our instructors. They’ll tell you that the BPMs – or beats per minute – of songs in our classes are designed to boost heart rates and metabolisms from the very first bicep curl. NYC Master Trainer, Kim D’Agnese, gave us a list of the songs that are keeping her motivated to finish the summer strong. Check them out below for a signature playlist that inspire us through some of our most effective moves ever. Or, add them to your Spotify and stream from the studio to the street to keep you motivated from now until your next workout.

Why I love the Playlist
I love a playlist with variety. Playing a range of genres from hip hop to EDM can get everyone in the room moving and grooving with you. A lot of the songs on this list have a driving beat, which always helps motivate when things get intense.

Music Inspiration
I use the browse feature on Spotify a lot. With this feature you can search for music by mood. It also updates me about new songs, which I am always looking for.

Fun Fact
I went to high school with Andy Grammer, the musician who sings Honey I’m Good. We did the MWHS production of the Music Man together :). Way to go Andy!

What’s your favorite workout song of the summer? Check back next month for a new playlist.

View Kim’s class schedule here and pulse and squeeze with her to these jams.