Today’s Client Q&A is with Laura Shafferman, inspiring creator of Legally Addictive Foods. We met up with Laura in the studio for a tasting of her Wake and Baked Granola (spoiler alert: delicious), and chatted about her experience as an entrepreneur, what keeps her feeling strong and beautiful, and how to really amp up your smoothie game.

On entrepreneurialism:
My background is actually in real estate marketing. When I left my job and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, a girlfriend of mine who’s a big Etsy seller told me they had a big event coming up and they needed a food vendor. She knew I was holding back. She was like, “don’t you make these cookies and this granola? You are doing this. I’m signing you up.” And I had nothing! I only had two products that I made, I didn’t have a brand, names for my items, no labels, absolutely nothing. I decided just to go for it, and everything came together. I am still so happy whenever anybody tells me they like my products! I just love that people are responding. It doesn’t get old!

On nourishment:
I’m a vegetarian and when I started cooking for myself, which you kind of have to do when you’re a vegetarian, I started playing around with recipes, and I found myself always making my Wake and Baked Granola. I’ll eat it straight out of the bag, with fruit, or with some almond milk, or coconut milk, greek yogurt, even on ice cream! It’s ridiculous with peaches. I even put it in my oatmeal, for my hearty meal for the day. Sometimes I’ll put it on yogurt with a little peanut butter. I’m a huge fan of smoothie bowls too; sometimes I’ll even have one for dinner!

On strength:
I’ve been coming to Physique 57 since 2008. It helped me a lot when I was cross training for the New York City marathon. I feel strongest when I am working with my own body weight, I always feel strong after taking a Physique 57 class. One thing I love about Physique 57 is the efficiency of it. To me, it’s very strength building, it really helps me with stamina. I also love that it can be modified. I’ve got a wrist injury, and I can still do the class, which I really enjoy. I love dance cardio classes, too!

On beauty:
For me, feeling beautiful is feeling strong, or accomplished. I feel most beautiful when I’ve done something with my business, or finished something really challenging. I always feel good after I take a Physique 57 class. I feel the opposite of beautiful when I’m not getting anything done. When I’m not inspired or motivated, that’s really hard. In my previous job, I didn’t feel like I really owned my life. Now I feel great, I feel like I stepped up and said I’m doing my own thing, and I’m going to make this work for me. That’s what makes me feel beautiful.

Thanks for the chat, Laura! Be sure to check out Laura’s products here. After hearing me compliment her fantastic granola, Laura responded “Why would we want to eat anything less than delicious?” Why indeed?