We’re excited to continue our blog series, Client Q&A! Each month we will interview a Physique 57 client that we find inspirational. This month we are featuring Stephanie March, star of Law & Order: SVU, contributing editor to FATHOM, and owner of New York’s newest makeup salon, Rouge New York. Here, she shares her top makeup tips, how she stays healthy, and why she thinks dieting is dumb.

Plus! On Wednesday, April 23rd from 5-8pm, Stephanie March and her Rouge NY team will be at our Spring St studio offering makeup touchups and lash applications to clients that take class that day. Get the details on the event & exclusive gifts that we’ll be offering through April 27th.

Stephanie March opens Rouge Ny

Why did you start taking Physique 57 and what keeps you coming back?

I started taking classes at Physique 57 after not exercising for nearly 6 months. I had few health scares starting with an emergency appendectomy last October and ending with surgery for endometriosis in December. I needed to give my body time to heal and be quiet. When I was ready to tackle regular exercise again, I wanted to incorporate more toning, stretching, and core fitness into my routine. I was tired of pounding it out. I wanted something more elegant and lengthening.

You recently started a new business, Rouge NY, a makeup salon. Tell us more about the concept!

My partner, Rebecca (Perkins), and I are so excited about Rouge! We met years ago on the set of Law & Order: SVU when Rebecca was head of the make-up department and I was in the cast. I always received compliments on my make up when I left the set, and Rebecca and I wondered why every woman did not have access to good, professional makeup at an affordable price point. We decided we had to be the ones to give it to them. We got really serious about launching Rouge just over 18 months ago, and after finding just the right location, and about 1 million city permits later, we opened in December. It’s been a lot of work, but Rebecca and I are so happy with the space, our talented artists, and our customers.

What is your quick post-workout makeup routine?

Run over to Rouge! Not kidding. It’s only 2 blocks from the Spring Street studio. When I can’t do that, I spritz up with our Rouge Lavender Mist, dab on my L’Oreal Sublime Sun in spf 50, a little concealer, some Julie Hewitt cheekie in “Peachie” and a little Julie Hewitt lipstick in “LuLu.” I get my brows and lashes dyed (at Rouge, actually) so those are always sort of ready to go.

What is the #1 makeup tip you think every woman should know?

There is a red lipstick for EVERYONE. It’s just a question of finding the right shade. Do not be afraid.

Your husband is celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. Does being married to a chef make it difficult to eat healthily on a regular basis?

On the contrary, it makes it much, much easier. I don’t eat crap (processed food), I don’t eat when I am not hungry (there is always more food, don’t waste a meal on something you don’t really want). And I don’t diet. People really, really over think this stuff. It’s not about whether or not you eat the grapefruit first or cut out all the bread. It’s about eating the good stuff, not too much of it at any one sitting, and getting on with your day. Everyone stop obsessing over food. It’s not the enemy.

You are so well known for your role as Alexandra Cabot on Law and Order: SVU. What was your favorite part of being on the show?

There are about 1,000 good things about my time on SVU, but if I had to isolate one I would say this: SVU took the shame of sexual violence and turned it on its head. Our country started talking about women, health, violence, and empowerment in a way it did not do before that show. I will always have been a part of the beginning of that conversation, and I have carried that into philanthropic passion and activism in my personal life.

What is a fun fact someone might not know about you?

I love sneezing, fried food, and BBC serialized television dramas.

I do not love lakes or lake houses (they are creepy), football, or Christmas. That stuff is overrated.

Thanks again to Stephanie March for taking the time to chat with us! We love learning more about you beyond the barre.