We’re so excited for our event with Elizabeth and Dale of @Sweatsandthecity this Saturday at our FiDi studio. E+D cover all things fitness in NYC. Get to know them even better in our Beyond the Barre below!

Before we take a Physique class, we always pop an Olly Daily Energy vitamin.

Our go-to snack before class is an RX Bar.

We refuel after class with LOTS of water and a granny smith apple (free fruit at Physique is everything!)

We love to wear LuLu Lemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves to the barre because they’re great for warming up the muscles

Our favorite Physique move is anything that pulses because it means the sequence is almost over and that final burn is SO good!

Listening to our “Sweats Run” playlist on Spotify makes us feel empowered.

Whenever we travel, we stay in shape and keep up with our fitness routine by finding a balance between leisure time and trying healthy eats and local studios.

After we finish class, we feel relieved (and sweaty)!

You can always find Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo, Aquaphor (lips!) and a S’well bottle in our workout bags