Didn’t make it to Coachella? We had brought our own Coachella to the barre earlier this month at our  Neon Barre-nival at the Beverly Hills studio. Get to know Lauren Mayhew, our DJ, below!


  1. Before I take a Physique class, I always pick out the coolest socks I own (I know have a collection of neon socks and socks with animals on them :))


  1. My go-to snack before class is a smoothie from Nektar Juice bar


  1. I refuel after class with Torii Awake tonics. They are the best!


  1. I love to wear leggings and a sports bra to the barre because the leggings allow to slide on the carpet more when doing my stretches, and wearing the sports bra motivates me to keep my body where I want it to be.


  1. My favorite Physique move is _THE PRETZEL_because _I love the name, and it gets the job done!


  1. Listening to _dance music makes me feel empowered. I try to always write music that will pump people up or make them FEEL something. I have a new song out on Itunes now called “See Me Now” and it’s about the people in your life truly seeing YOU for who you are and who you’ve always wanted to be.


  1. Whenever I travel, I stay in shape and keep up with my fitness routine by doing abs in my hotel room or exploring the city with a jog.


  1. After I finish class, I feel GREAT!


  1. You can always find a hair tie, water bottle,  and_sunglasses in my workout bag.


Check out Lauren on Itunes! – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lauren-mayhew/id130939912

Check out Lauren’s Spotify playlist from the Coachella / Physique 57 event – https://play.spotify.com/user/lolomayhew/playlist/60c5mJanN8QwIw4aI3KpBR