We’re so excited for our event with Britney of @Fittybritttty this Saturday at our Beverly Hills studio. Britney is a lifestyle blogger in Southern California that covers all things body positivity, fitness, balance, and confidence. Get to know this beauty even better in our Beyond the Barre below!

Before I take a Physique class, I always jam out to my fav pump up tunes on the drive over.

My go-to snack before class is a slice of toast with creamy peanut butter and wild blueberries!

I refuel after class with a green protein smoothie!

I love to wear my Beyond Yoga Take Me Higher leggings to the barre because they make my legs feel long and lean and I feel like my most confident self when I wear them!

My favorite Physique move is thigh dancing because it burns so good!

Listening to anything by Beyonce makes me feel empowered.

Whenever I travel, I stay in shape and keep up with my fitness routine by doing Physique on Demand and going for runs to be able to get a local’s perspective of where I’m traveling.

After I finish class, I feel like a badass with a strong booty and shaky legs.

You can always find a travel foam roller by Lauren Roxburgh, Schmidt’s deodorant in lavender, a pair of Bluetooth headphones and my FRE skincare face wash in my workout bag.