This post was written by our client, Jessye Zuiker. Find out what she thought of her first Physique 57 class experience. We hope her story will help answer some of your questions about stepping up to the barre for the first time. 

Are you the person who never works out and stays skinny? Or, perhaps, you are the workaholic who has no time? We have all rationalized why we don’t work out. We also all have that day when we realize that, if we want to stay healthy, it’s time to start exercising. It’s time to become the beginner.

Being the beginner is stressful. No one ever wants to be the least fit person in the class or the one who has no idea what’s happening. Luckily, I was immediately put at ease in my first Physique 57 class. My instructor explained what to expect, showed us how to set up and helped us keep pace to the upbeat music, transitioning us seamlessly through a series of fun and fast-paced movements.  There was literally no time to worry about how much I was sweating or if someone was watching me (although it would be a majestic feat if they were able to). By the end of the class, I felt confident and empowered and found it hard not to laugh at my initial fears.

My first Physique 57 class was the tipping point. I became committed to advancing beyond my beginner status. But how does one do that? I didn’t know what to eat or how often to exercise. After my first class, I still knew virtually nothing beyond the fact that people don’t want to watch me exercise. So I asked questions and read The Physique 57 Solution (I’m still attempting to finish making all of the recipes!). Now that I have some ideas on what it takes to graduate beyond Beginner, I’m going to share them with you!

Should I not train the same muscles two days in a row?

This school of thought tends to deal with heavy duty repetitive weight training that overtaxes your muscles to the point that you might need a day off to recuperate. In a Physique 57 class you utilize your own body weight as resistance.  The movements are low impact and designed to ensure proper body mechanics.

Should I rest between workouts?

The workout is challenging (I definitely groaned a lot during my first class), and it’s always important to listen to your body when it’s telling you that you need a day off.  The method is based on “interval overload” which means you work your muscles to their fullest potential and then stretch them for relief.  Because each class incorporates this strength/stretch combination plus a variety of choreography which keeps your mind stimulated and your body changing, you can safely do Physique 57 on consecutive days (sweet right?!).

What should I eat?

The biggest thing is to make sure that you eat! You need good-quality calories in order to have energy to exercise. In terms of diet, The Physique 57 Solution has a great 2-week meal plan! Since everyone has their own preferences in terms of what they might or might not eat, it’s best to consult your doctor or a nutritionist to make sure you are getting all essential nutrients.

My whole body hurts, how do I alleviate muscle soreness?

Soak in a cold bath with Epsom salts. It is also important to stay hydrated as good hydration can ease muscle cramping. My instructor also informed me that working through the soreness helps a lot too!

I hope this helps to rub off some of your “beginner” status. See you in (beginner) class!

What was your first Physique 57 class experience like? Tell us in the comments below.